What Is Cancer? 

Lothar Hirneise and myself (Klaus Pertl) are the founders and managing directors of the 3E-Center in Germany. In a serious of articles we will focus on a serious of important topics and questions relating to cancer and cancer treatments (read disclaimer at end of article) . 

Topics such as: 

  • Why people get cancer 
  • If there is a link between stress and cancer 
  • If cancer can be cured 
  • If there is something such as a cancer diet
  • What we have learned from cancer survivors 

Today we are looking at the question, „What is Cancer?“. It is still the million or billion dollar question. The truth is, nobody knows it. Because, if we would know what cancer is, we would have found already the best ways how to treat it and how to heal people with cancer. 

Conventional view

Let’s first have a look to the conventional view. For conventional doctors, or what they teach in universities for the last 100 years, it’s just a gene mutation. What they are telling us is that the wonderful nucleus of your cell has turned (mutated) into something very nasty. 

But, is this really true? 

Let us look at two really interesting discoveries. Firstly, already in the 60s and 70s, doctors like Minz and Illmensee, tested the cell mutation theory by taking in a laboratory the nucleus out of a cancer cell and putting it into a healthy cell. And you know what happened to the healthy cell? Nothing! 

According to the conventional theory the healthy cell should have turned into a cancer cell. Remember, they say it is a gene mutation, so the DNA became cancerous, and if you then put that part into another living system, into a healthy cell, this cell should also become a cancer cell. But this is certainly not what happened in those tests. 

And secondly, „why does our heart, never gets cancer?“ Think about it, in our heart, we have billions of cells, and trillions of nucleus and DNA genes. But you know, our heart never gets cancer. So how is this possible? 

To make a long story short, after having looked at the mutation theory of cancer I (Lothar) have come to the conclusion that the theory is wrong and therefor all the answers related to this theory will also all be wrong. For me the mistake lies in mistaking cause and effect. 

What happens in standard oncology? A pathologist in a hospital when looking at a cancer cell they always see changes in the nucleus of a cancer cell (in comparison to a normal healthy cell). And because every time the look at a cancer cell they see this, they are thinking, ok this mutation is the cause of cancer. 

But here is the problem. The changes in the nucleus usually comes quite late in the development of a very long process called cancer. For example bevor the nucleus in a cell is changing the so called „mitochondria“ in the cells are changing. The cell membrane tension is changing. 

Causation or correlation

So many things are changing before the nucleus is changing. But the pathologist,  who are the people that are in the end saying if you have cancer or not, only sees the nucleus has changed and therefor they conclude this must be the cause of cancer. 

In our understanding they are mixing up causation with correlation.

It is like when aliens would come to our earth and they would, whenever there is a house on fire they also eventually see fire men showing up at those fires. So eventually they could conclude, whenever there is a house burning there are fire men around, so they must be causing the fires. But really there is just a correlation. Fire men have to be at a place of fire at some point, but they are not causing the fires.

It is quite obvious even the most intelligent and well meaning people with the best of intention, if they base their whole work on an incorrect theory, then how good can the outcomes be? This is exactly the problem here. If a theory behind something is wrong, then of course all the answers, all the advice, all the best therapies must be wrong as well. 

The concern we have is if health professionals continue to think that if someone has cancer and the nucleus of their cells are destroyed, then they are not able to do anything for those cells anymore. And in that case we have to destroy the cells. And this is exactly what conventional therapies are doing today. 

They do surgery, they cut it out. They try to destroy it with poisons like chemotherapy. Or, they like to destroy it with radiation. What they don’t understand is, that there is a problem with the cell membrane tension.  

Other theories

The good news is that there more scientific theories then just the theory of the gene mutation. There are at least two dozens of other theories about what cancer is. And in this article we will introduce you to a few of the most promising of these theories. 


So let us look at the facts here. Thing we know for certain. And this is science and not a belief system. In cancer you can be certain that the so-called mitochondria in the cells have a problem. Mitochondria are small cells in all our cells. 

Normally in a cell we have 500 up to 3,000 of this small mitochondria. And in these cells they are producing the ATP which is the energy for our body. For example, I weigh 75 kilogram, so my mitochondria are normally producing every day 75 kilograms of ATP. This is an unbelievable system. 

Normally the mitochondria are using oxygen to produce this ATP. But in cancer cells they’re not using oxygen anymore. Which proves an interesting concept, that such cells are not dying, that they can survive without oxygen.

Many famous doctors like Dr. Gerson, Dr. Budwig and Dr. Kremer wrote in their books about the fact that cancer patients are having problems with their mitochondrias. There are many books about this. But, I still do not believe that this is the beginning, that this is the cause of cancer. 


Then there is another promising theory that is considering dramatic life conflicts as a cause of cancer. One of the proponents for this is Dr. Harmer. He became here in Germany very popular with his so-called, ‘New Medicine Theory’. 

In his view conflicts are playing a big, big role. But this of course is for the conventional medicine only a crazy story, a crazy theory, because they can’t accept that the psyche can cause cancer. 


Another theory looks are parasites in our body causing changes in the cells, or that the parasites are helping to change the basic acidic base balance in the body. 


But for me (Lothar) I would say that my most favorite theory comes from a German doctor, her name was Dr. Waltraut Fryda. She was saying that, when it comes to cancer, the two hormones, adrenaline and insulin, are playing a big role. She explained in her books very detailed that stress is maybe the main cause of cancer. 

She measured the adrenaline level of the people she treated in her medical practice. And with people with cancer it was almost always very, very low. And she was wondering why that is. And she came to the conclusion that the reason for this was too much stress.

She was really surprised because, you have to understand, she worked in a very famous cancer hospital, that of Dr. Issels, in Bavaria, in the south of Germany. And she thought that most of the final stage cancer patients must have a very high adrenalin level. And she was totally surprised when she measured their adrenalin level it was very low. And you have to understand what happens here. Normally you have adrenaline that is helping to bring the sugar out of the cells. And then you have insulin that is bringing sugar into the cell. 

So, if you now have no, or just very little adrenalin left in the body, too much sugar stays too long in the cells. And now the cells have a serious problem, because even though cells loves sugar, if they have too much of it, the cells will die. So the cell has to find a way to get rid of the sugar. And it solves it by stopping the oxygen going into the mitochondria. And now the cell can burn down quite more sugar. So this is a highly intelligent system. 


I (Lothar) use the term „Kausanetik“ which stands for the concept that an illness, or a cancer cell, is nothing more than a regulation system. So, the body, or here the cell is regulating something. So you can see a cancer cell is not something which wants to kill somebody; a cancer cell is highly intelligent system, which in the beginning, is helping you. 

Positive and active role

Once we are able realize that cancer is an intelligent system, even if most people do not like cancer, then there is a better chance of stopping being a victim of cancer and to deal with it in a more positive way rather than in frightened and aggressive way. 

This allows cancer patients to be much more active and not to remain passive and being dependent on some infusions or medicines that doctors give them. If people can understand the whole system, that cancer is in the beginning helping your body to regulate something; if you understand this, then you can look for the cause. You can find out what is not working in your body and in your life. And if you change it, the cancer will go. 

And this is a totally different way of thinking, because at the moment, what the conventional doctors are saying “you as a patient, you can’t do anything about it the only thing that will help you, is destroy the cancer cells and that’s it”. But this is not true. 

And this is the big difference between conventional and non-conventional medicine. In conventional medicine the patient is just very passive. But if you think in a different way you can be a very active patient and very actively supporting becoming healthy again. 

We hope with this first article in our series we were able to offer you a different view about cancer a view that can really help and empower you. For more information about our program, please go to the following page.

In the next article we will talk a bit more about why people get cancer. Until then thank you and goodbye from 

Klaus and Lothar

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  • With the help of this article we want to increase the awareness of important issues about cancer that most people do not know about.
  • We are not against conventional medicine. But we do have a different view about cancer and cancer treatment, which is backed by science and personal experience over the last 20 years (starting in 1998), talking to more than 10,000 people with cancer. And personally consulting and working with more than 1,500 people with cancer who attended our 3E-program, in our 3E-Center in South-Germany since 2006. So we have gained a lot of insight and practical and therefor extremely useful knowledge about cancer and conventional as well as non conventional (natural) cancer treatments.
  • We are not aiming at replacing, and this is obviously very important, medical advice. So please, whenever you read this article, and you want to do something about your cancer, always consult with your doctor/medical health professional first.
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