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We consider Dr. Johanna Budwig’s oil-protein diet to be one of the best nutritional programs for those with cancer, even if the medical profession denies that there is an optimum diet for cancer sufferers. In our experience, it is an essential constituent of an effective alternative cancer approach. Those who have survived cancer have also made a conscious effort to change their diet. We cannot simply ignore this fact.

Lothar Hirneise and Klaus Pertl, the founders of the 3E Centre, have had the particular honour of personally getting to know one of the most exceptional people of the last century and spending more than four years with her. Dr. Johanna Budwig was privy to a unique wealth of experience which she acquired over more than 50 years. She not just surprised but repeatedly astounded us with her discoveries and her geniality, and was nominated seven times for a Nobel Prize.

Dr. Johanna BudwigAt this point it is very important to understand, that all her great knowledge would have died with her, were it not for Lothar Hirneise, who time and again made the effort to meet with and learn from her. Her stamina and focus have been very influential, and the many who come to us in the future will still have access to the original and strict oil-protein diet.

We are proud that she not only explained her nutritional plan but also entrusted her important secrets to us. She gave them to us in full detail and shared all her documents. One item of hers has given us a full and unique insight, particularly her correspondence with many extraordinary people of her era.

It has taken many years for Dr. Johanna Budwig to trust us, and in particular Lothar Hirneise, sufficiently to divulge the fine details of her oil-protein diet. Mr. Hirneise, with whom Dr. Budwig wrote two books, is the only person in the world to have this knowledge.

Our primary interest has always been in sharing this fantastic knowledge with others. We, therefore, founded the 3E Centre, to share with you the exact details of the Budwig philosophy.

oil-protein dietNaturally, there is a lot of basic information which you could learn for yourself from books, for example, the basic proportions of foods and what you should and shouldn’t eat. For this, we would recommend the following book: The Oil-Protein Diet Cookbook by Dr. Johanna Budwig.

However, if you wish to use the Oil-Protein diet as part of an alternative cancer therapy, then in our experience you will need the ‘strict’ Budwig-Protocol. This is something that Dr. Budwig never described in detail in her books. It was only on a personal basis, in her seminars and during many discussions with Mr. Hirneise.

The STRICT Budwig-Protocol is what we offer at the 3E Centre. It is tailored to you and your situation and has been devised specifically for those with cancer.

It is ideal for those who would like to:

  • Implement this nutritional plan as soon and as effectively as possible as part of an alternative cancer approach
  • Avoid mistakes when it comes to nutrition and Budwig diet
  • Achieve your desired result more quickly
  • Benefit from an individually tailored plan

Please understand that we are not able to answer the many questions we receive over telephone or email about the details of the oil-protein diet. This is simply not possible due to data protection. In our experience with the oil-protein diet, individual requirements and circumstances also need to be considered when putting together a plan.

Budwig Center Germany - The Original Protein DietIf you would like to get more information about the original oil-protein diet, also visit our website of Budwig Center Germany and get our free guide. Just click on our logo on the left.


The second important thing that those who have survived cancer have done. The second block in the 3E program.

Our bodies are bombarded with numerous poisons every day, in food and from the environment, and it is often too much for our system. As a result, the body stores them. This is how a tumour can start. Therefore we need to undertake a recognized and effective detox program, as well as avoid future poisoning. This is very important and cannot be stressed enough.

We also concentrate on reducing excess acid in the body. Our bodies create a lot of acidity during the metabolic process and this is exacerbated by poor lifestyle, nutrition, and stress. If the alkali level is insufficient, then the acid may not be neutralized and this can cause acidosis, a condition which affects cell function.

In our 3E program, you will learn an array of useful detox methods, including colonic hydro cleansing. These are designed to eliminate poisons and excess acidity from the body, predominantly through the skin, liver, and bowel and through activating the lymph flow.

Some of these measures you can carry out yourself without any outside help. For others, you will receive help from our therapists.

Each day you will start the first detox measure first thing in the morning. At midday, you will receive more intensive detox treatment. You will learn exactly how the process works, which is something that most people are neither aware of nor understand.


In many respects we consider this to be the most important part of the 3E Program as it is in this area that we are most powerful. It relies on the strength of one’s own thoughts and emotions, and the power of suggestion. It is this work which makes us unique worldwide, as we are one of the few who offer this nature of work for people with cancer and at this level of intensity.

Each chronic illness such as cancer is often an indication that something is not right in our lives, and that something is no longer in equilibrium. The life that we used to live is not doing us any good.

What you will learn from this part of the program:

  1. How to answer the three core questions of our program.
    These three questions will help you to find answers. First of all, you will examine what the cause of your cancer is. Cancer always has a history, which we will work on intensively with you in a protected environment. Secondly, you will find out who you really are and what gives your life meaning. Thirdly, you will decide what you should now bring into your life; the things you would like to do and the personal and professional goals you should actively pursue and realise.
  2. How to overcome stress (stress management) and to clear away burdensome emotions. Studies show very clearly that stress hormones keep cancer cells protected and vital. Therefore one of the most important skills you will learn with us is how to effectively rid yourself of burdensome emotions.
  3. How you can strengthen your faith and confidence in your body and regeneration.
  4. How you can maintain a positive focus even when you are confronted with setbacks and obstacles.
  5. How you can support your natural self-healing abilities with the help of a highly unusual visualisation technique. At our centre you will learn one of the best visualisation techniques for working with cancer.
  6. How you can allow self-worth, forgiveness and self-respect into your life. You will benefit from a range of meditation workshops and learn how to feel love again, for yourself and your life, as well as how to forgive others.
  7. How you can solve mental blocks. You will undergo special individual inner self discovery sessions with our coaches, enabling you to solve subconscious blocks and things that destroy your psychological wellbeing.
  8. How you can give cancer a whole new meaning. Cancer is not the enemy; it is a system of dealing with things. Together with the help of our Kausanetik you will be able to build a new (completely different and very helpful) image of cancer – one that will give you strength and confidence.
  9. How you can go from being a victim to an influencing factor. As a victim of cancer, we cannot solve the disease. It is only when we can reflect without stress or become observers again that we will really be able to learn from the situation in which we find ourselves. Then, when we begin to take our life in hand again (become an influencing factor), we can create a new life, the life that we wholeheartedly want, with new ideas, attitudes, habits and activities etc.
  10. How you can begin to trust your own thoughts and impressions. You will learn how to benefit from healing dreams, synchronicity and vibrations on your road to health.
  11. You will create an extraordinary journal. Each day throughout the five weeks you are with us you will write your thoughts in a special ‘journal’. By doing this you will create the best self – help book in the world, because it is your own personal book, written by you.
These 4 weeks are a time in which you will…
  • reach peace and greater depth
  • recognize who you are with an open mind, heart and will, learning what suits you and what really must come into your life
  • make important decisions
  • learn how to activate your body’s internal mechanisms
  • consciously practice a number of important mind techniques each day, until it
    becomes totally second nature, no matter where or when – the great secret is to practice and recall
  • create your new life plan
Then when you return home (after 4 weeks) you can actively shape your life, the one you want for yourself, with clarity, focus, and confidence. Of course, it does not yet exist in the form that you want it to: that will be your task, to recreate your life. This is a very important task, one of the most important of all, and one which you can’t delegate or give to someone else.
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