Why do people get cancer?

In this second episode of our podcast Lothar Hirneise and Klaus Pertl are talking about this important question. We hope your will enjoy this podcast and we would love to get your view on this important question.

Episode 2 – Why People Get Cancer

Klaus:     Hi Lothar! We’re back together today, and we’re gonna talk about a very important question today, “Why do people get cancer?”

Lothar:  Hi, another day in paradise. Well, why do people get cancer? This is a podcast for a few minutes, we could talk about hours about this question. But,let’s.. let’s have a look at what are the main reasons for cancer. For me, there’s only one word why people get cancer, and this is stress. But ‘stress’ you can see from different point of views. You can have stress, if you go daily to McDonalds. You can have stress if you’re living in a very poison environment, at home or at your work. You can have stress, in the family, in your marriage, in your job. So, there are so many ways of having stress. But for me, the main thing is you get cancer because you have stress, and your body tries to regulate, to find a way, out of this stress. And now comes -let me say – the most complicated thing.The challenge here is to find out for each patient, where the stress is coming from and how do we change it?

Klaus:     Absolutely. Stress should be probably divided up in: what’s stressing the body; what is stressing the mind; and, what is also- if you want to look at it -stressing the soul. And then, suddenly you realize, that, there are stressors for the body, which we areprobably aware of such as, too much meat, a diet that is too acidic, and we have, maybe cigarettes, and then comes the mind thing. We worry about things, we, have too much time pressure. And then there’s maybe the soul thing, you don’t know what the purpose is, “why are we here? We can’t find happiness at whatever we do”. So, I think, that is important to see that there are things stressing us on three levels. And, when people talk about stress, they usually, just think about the mind-point. But I think it’s on three levels. And obviously, in the time we live now, those stressors are not going down.They’re clearly not going down. So, this is why I think why we have an issue, and we should look at the stressors.

Lothar:   And you just mentioned the soul. Everybody today is focused on material things, which maybe cause cancer. Like, let me say, all the poison, or all the radiation. But what people don’t want to hear, and especially the conventional doctors, they don’t want to hear, that people can have normal stress because they’rein an unhappy married. Or for example, somebody is very ill. Or think about this: I just read in a German magazine, that 72 people of, of all Germans, they don’t like their work. Three from four people, are going everyday to a job they just hate. Or at least, they don’t like it and just do it for money. Come on, this is a lot of stress. So if you do this for a few weeks or months or even a year, maybe you survive. But think about the many people, who are doing this for ten, twenty, or even longer years. And then if you do this for such a long time, if you have this stress on a daily basis than you must become ill.

Klaus:     And I remember Dr. Johanna Budwigshe had a very simple way of explaining it. And, we’re definitely gonna talk a lot more inthe future about her. She said it’s an energy issue. So if, basically the body system is using up more energy than the body is gaining, you have a deficit. And you know yourself, it’s like there is a bank account. If you are continually in a minus, you’re borrowing more and more, and, and eventually, the body cannot handle it. And I think that’s when the initial regulation we talked in the first podcast about, is basically needed, because you’re in constant minus, or energy minus, so to speak. And therefore, we need to look at what is draining the body. And therefore, I completely agree. The people who come to our centrethey initially can’t see it. But when they take time to look at their life, they reflect on their life, they’rerealizing that, at some days between 50 to 200 times a day, they would get angry, upset, stressed, worried.. that’s a lot of stress. And that fits with what Dr. Fryda (5:24). This is why, we have no adrenaline in the body anymore; it’s used up.

Lothar:   Klaus do you now, how long an oncologist is speaking to a cancer patient in Germany?

Klaus:     Not very long probably –

Lothar:   Not very long – you will not believe it! It’s exactly seven minutes and thirty-six seconds. Think about it –

Khlaus:   Wow.

Lothar:   Oncologists, on average, are speaking seven and a half minutes to his cancer patient. Come on, can you find out in that time who is this person who is sitting next to you? Can you find out, what kind of stress this person has? Can you explain, in seven minutes, a therapy or all the options you have? Can you answerkey questions,and so on and so on.This is really a bigchallenge here. But we shouldn’t blame the doctors here –

Klaus:     No, it’s the system they are in –

Lothar:   Because the doctors, all of them they have to earn money. And the problem is that the health insurances, they’re not paying the doctor for speaking to a patient anymore.

Klaus:     Exactly.

Lothar:   This is the bigchallenge here. And as long as this will not change, I don’t see any changes that doctors can find out, why a patient has cancer.

Klaus:     Whatwe also should point out here, is that definitely, the medical doctors have a great intention. They come from a philosophy of helping people. This is why they, very often chose that profession. And the system basically tells them, “Well, it’s very good, but you don’t get money for it”. So, what do you? Obviously, you need to survive, so it’s definitely an issue of the system, not the doctors. But Lothar, very oftenpeople confuse something. When they hear..”the issue,it is about my life, it is about my stress”, then initially, they think, “did I do something wrong?Am I responsible.. am I to blame?” And that’s obviously not what we’re saying.

Lothar:   Oh no, of course not. You know, what you’re talking about is, is somebody guilty. Is he responsible? Maybe you can use the word ‘responsible’. But for sure, you never can use the word ‘guilty’. Are you responsible if you go everyday to McDonalds? I think, yes. Are you responsible, that you have a job you don’t like? Yes, I think you are responsible. But, you are not guilty if you get, for example, cancer, or any other illness, because of that. We shouldn’t mix this up. We havetodraw a clear line here. Of course, nobody is guilty, becoming a cancer patient – this is of course, totally nonsense. But, you know, what I also don’t want to say is,”well, your lifestyle is not responsible that you get this kind of illness”. Of course your lifestyle had an influenceon getting ill, but not in a way how – let me say – that religion people normally thinking,not in the way of guilty or not guilty. But, of course, you can’t go twenty years to McDonalds, and say, “Oh, I have a big problem with my liver now, and I’m not responsible for that”. Of course you’re responsible for that. But not in a way that you are guilty that you did it. Because, then we have to think about, “Why, for example, did you go everyday to McDonalds? Why did you have such a bad diet? Why did you have this bad job you never liked?” and so on and so on. This is the big issue here, and, we know from our daily work in our center. With 50% of people we know it in one hour, why somebody has cancer. Just talking to him, and you will find it out after one hour. But there are many people, theyhave a nice life, they have enough money, they have a nice family. And the first talks are not enough to find out why they have cancer? And this is why, I’m fighting for so many years now, that we need to talk more to people with cancer.

Klaus:     Yeah. And this is why, coming back to our program, initially, we started with a three-day program.

Lothar:   Yep, it was three-days when we started –

Klaus:     And now we are at the four-week level, because we understand that it is not enough to on the surface talk about these things, and to find answers on the surface. You have to go a little bit deeper. Because we all have these wonderful, amazing ability to suppress and avoid, our truth, and our reality. So therefore, it needs trust and time and relaxation. And you need to be in a peaceful environment where you feel protected. And then, the whole questioning begins, and you have to be in a very relaxed, more ‘alpha’ brain-wave state – in a meditative state – and then you find your truth. And here’s the beauty: You do find your truth. You’re the only person who would know it anyway. So, this is the process, and it’s our four-week process. And you cannot do this, in a sense, by just thinking two hours about it, and then, that’s the end of it. So, it is definitely a deeper work, but I think we both experience it Lothar that, when you put in the time, to find it out, you do find out. And it’s not, it’s not something –as I said – it’s not about fault, it’s not about guilt, it’s not about shame, it’s not about “what did I do wrong?” and so on. It is to understand that everything we do, has at some point, an effect on the system. And usually, we have done these things because there was a reason why we were doing them. And sometimes, we’re just conditioned to do them. Sometimes, it’s just the way we were brought up. And now, and I think, here comes the word ‘responsibility’. “Now that I realize that it’s something that I can do – what can I do?” and then start changing something. And I think then, the whole thing makes a lot of sense. But yes, we have to be careful, that when we talk about those stressors, that people don’t mix it up with the idea of being faulty or guilty – and it’s not what we’re saying. So, people do – if I put it down to Dr. Budwig’sconcept, people basically get cancer because, the system is not getting enough energy. It’s an energy issue, would you say that as well?

Lothar:   100%. Like you mentionedbefore with thethe Bank Account explanation, as long as you bring more energy into your body, uh, which means as long as you live, a happy, nice life, then you can survive, cancer. Also, think about: there are many – I know many, many patients, they have a tumor for ten or fifteen or even longer years, but they are not dying. How is this possible? Because they found a way, how to bring more energy in, then the tumor is taking using up. And, and that’s it. And there’s another thing, to ask the patients, “When did you stop living your dreams?”. When did we stop our dreams? When we were 14, 15 or 20 years old? We all stopped it. When you have cancer, you have to think about questions like this. You have to rethink, “is it the life I want to live?” And then, you come to the whole idea, why you have cancer. You come, to the main question, “why do I have this kind of cancer, at this part of my body, at this time of my life?”. And, as long as you are not finding the answer or the answers for this question –come on – how can you treat your cancerthen? Of course you can destroy it with chemotherapy or high dosages of Vitamin C infusion. It doesn’t matter how you destroy the tumor. But if the cause is not going away, the cancer is still there. And it is just a question of time when it will come back. So, the main thing for me, is just to ask yourself, “why do I have cancer?” and to find the answer. And then of course, you will find the solution for it.

Klaus:     Absolutely. And, and I think here is also a very empowering thought. We probably don’t understand completely, how ourmitochondria works; how the blood system works; how the cell membrane tension works. But what we do know, and it’s something we have influence over, is, “do I sense I’m stressed?” and everybody can sense that, so there’s a truth to that. And then, you could learn to reduce that stress. So that’s real. That is something completely real. Now, we probably don’t know how to really affect and change the mitochondria and anything else in the body, because, it is a complex system. But again, we could understand what gives us joy. And once – because I feel it – and then I could do something about increasing joy. So there is something very freeing about that understanding, that you can use both of those feelings that are real to you. And the one you could reduce, and the other we could increase, and that in itself is a fantastic, I think, hope-giving thought, if you look at cancer.

Lothar:   Absolutely. You’re 100% right. And this is why we atourcentre..and also in my work and my research work, I’m quite more focused today on: what is the cause for each patient, and not so much on what is the correct theory and what is the best therapy, because, maybe I will die and I will not find out why I got cancer. But, what I can see is, if a patient finds out what is the cause for his cancer, he is very close to a solution for his cancer illness.

Klaus:     Lothar, thank you very much for the podcast today. I hope everyone listening to this will have a better understanding, why people get cancer – and it’s maybe not as complicatedas many people might think. It’s definitely a super, empowering thought, and empowering thoughts are always, I think, very helpful. Lothar, in the next postcast we wanna go a little bit deeper, because I think the ‘stress cancer’ issue is something which is quite interesting – and especially Dr. Fryda did some great work on it. And we in our centre have some interesting thoughtsabout it, so next time, we’re gonna talk about that. So, thank you very much, and I say goodbye from Klaus.

Lothar:   And goodbye from Lothar.


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If you want to receive our our current information (newsletter) from us then we ask you for your first and last name and your e-mail address. It is up to you to decide whether or not you give us this information. Currently there is no encryption from this order form. Therefore, we would like to expressly point out that unencrypted disclosed data can be read by third parties. Without this information, however, we can not fulfill your wish to receive our free up-to-date information (newsletter).
Besides the possibility to submit your request to receive our up-to-date information (newsletter) via this order form you also have the possibility to contact us by phone. We use the data transmitted by you exclusively for the purpose of sending our current information (newsletter) to you. 
By completing this online order form and sending it to us you expressly consent to the processing of your data as described above.
In this context we also refer to our Privacy Policy.

Your data will only be used to personalize our regular information that you will receive and not be passed on to any third parties. You can unsubscribe at any time from our newsletter and also at any time revoke your consent by email to  info@3e-zentrum.de. For more information about privacy, please go to our Privacy Policy.

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