Can you reverse cancer naturally? Is the body able to do that?

In this podcast Lothar Hirneise and Klaus Pertl are talking about the questions can you reverse cancer naturally and is the body able to do that. We hope you will enjoy this podcast and we would love to get your view on these questions.

Klaus:     Hello and welcome to our next podcast. I’m very happy that you are taking the time today to listen in again to get a better understanding about cancer. And again my dear friend and business partner Lothar is here today, and we’re talking about a very important topic: can you reverse cancer naturally? Is the body able to do that? Lothar, what do you think?

Lothar:   If I would have to give a short answer, it’s very easy, it’s a ‘yes’ of course. Klaus every day, our body, and if we go deeper, our cells are repairing and are doing so many things. Dozens of things. In some books you can read that a cell has up to 40,000 chemical processes per second. So that’s billions or trillions of repairing systems which are working every day. But the more important thing is, our body, or when you look at it from a holistic point of view our body, mind and create the cancer cells. So if the body or if we created these cells, then of course the body can also say, “okay, I’m changing this now”. But, but here comes the most important point of course which, why should the body do this? Because there was a reason why the body created the cancer cells in the first place. So, if you don’t change something – or I would say better -if you don’t find the cause, why the body produced these cancer cells, of course, there will be no going back to healthy cells.

Klaus:     Absolutely, and I think it maybe makes sense to share with our listeners the thought concept, that the body has good reasons for creating cancer cells. There are some theories, like for example, the concept of the second liver. Maybe this is a good moment to share, some of your experience in thinking about why would the body create cancerous cells in the first place.

Lothar:   I know what you mean Klaus. Many people are still thinking, “cancel cells are bad”. Cancer cells want to kill me, and they killed maybe other family members, and that is why cancer cells are a very bad thing”. But, what they don’t understand is, that they in this moment are only looking to the end, when, the cancer cells can kill you. But in the beginning, a cancer cell is, is really, really good thing. I give you a few examples. First of all, cancer cells, they can collect poisons in the body. This is what you were thinking about, acting like a second liver. And cancer cells can collect a lot of poisons in the body, and they store it on one part in your body. So this is why detox therapies are so important in, in a holistic cancer therapy process. If you detox your body, then of course, there’s no need any more for your body to create these cancer cells, and then they will go away. This is just one example. Another example is if you have a problem with the cell membrane or if you have too much stress – and you have too much adrenaline in the body – we spoke about this problem with adrenaline before in one of our podcasts – and now your cells have too much sugar in them. They have to get rid of it. So how can they do it? They create cancer cells, because a cancer cell can burn down, 18 to 20 times more sugar than the normal healthy cell. So you see, in the beginning, a cancer cell is something really good which is supporting the most important law in the evolution, which is: surviving. So we have move away from “a cancer cell is bad and wants to kill us”, no. Our body is highly intelligent. Evolution is, although I still do not understand it completely, so outstanding. And we have to stay away from this way of thinking that cancer cells want to kill us, and that they are “so bad”. And also from what some people are saying, that with cancer “our immune system is so bad”. No, no. The immune system is quite good in cancer patients. Our immune system did help to create all this cancer cells, because the cancer cells are helping people in the beginning of the timeline to repair, and not to die.

Klaus:     I think it’s a very important understanding that initially cancer has a clear purpose, and is probably there to help you, but – and that’s probably not the good news – if you’re ignoring it and not finding out why the cancer is there, then eventually, it can kill you.

Lothar:   Absolutely. This is why I’m always saying: the most important thing in cancer therapy is: finding the cause. So, if you don’t understand why you have cancer, how can you make a therapy? It’s for me simply impossible.

Klaus:     So, let’s move on to the next question here, because a lot of people, do have that question. So, it is possible that the body can reverse cancer naturally, but why do we not know about this? Why is it not scientifically proven? Have you come across scientific proof that the body could reverse cancer? I think you talked to me about a study done in Germany, when they were able to prove that cells, who became cancerous could reverse back to normal healty cells.

Lothar:   First of all, there are many studies. Not just one. I think about this study, done at a German university in Leipzig with colon cancer cells. They just exposed them to  frataxin, a protein, they put into the cancer cells, and the cancer cells became normal cells. This of course was done in a laboratory. I personally don’t believe that what works in a laboratory also automatically must in a patient, in a human being. But we know so many people, they had tumors and then the tumors were gone, you know, without, and this is the most important point here, without the damaging cell destroying therapies. So what happened with all those patients? For example, all the patients from Dr. Johanna Budwig. They did the Oil-Protein diet, the cancer cells changed and reversed back into a normal healthy cell. So, we know personally, hundreds, even more, thousands of patients. So, of course this happens every day.

Klaus:     And I think that this is very important to understand. But obviously, it is probably not expressed in the media so much, and it’s not in the public opinion so much. So this leads me then, to the last part of the question. It’s physically possible, scientific, there is some proof, that it’s possible. The third question is, “do we believe it’s possible?

Lothar:   I think, it’s not even the problem that some people are not believing it. No, what’s for me the biggest problem here is: the doctors don’t believe it. Because at university, they teach them, cancer cell is a problem of the DNA of our genes, and it will not reverse back to a healthy cell, so the only thing to help the patient, is destroying the cell. As long as at universities, teach doctors that, then of course, why should doctors believe in this. Don’t misunderstand me – I’m not blaming the doctors. Because this is what they learn there, and it’s good if they believe whatever they learn there. But, as long as the universities teach young doctors that you have to kill to destroy the cell, I think.. nothing will change unfortunately.

Klaus:     And this is why it’s so important that we increase the public awareness about this with the help of these podcasts. It’s not just the two of us; there are many other very interesting podcasts out there, sharing this message. I think we need to learn, we need to understand and to take on more self-responsibility for understanding these things, and then it becomes clearer and clearer that a) yes, it is possible, and b) I can believe, that it is possible, and therefore, I’m probably gonna to do certain things that help me to make it a reality, and then I have proof. Because in the mind world, there’s two strategies: either I believe it’s possible, and then I do something to create the result; or, I’m waiting for others to prove it, and then I can believe it, and then I’m able to do it. Both ways.. we need to do something. And, and I’m hoping that this podcast can encourage you. Yes, the body can reverse it, and yes, you can actually achieve it. But, as Lothar said, and I’m also pretty aware of that, it’s very key that you understand, we need to find the source of the cancer and we need to support the body. And yes, in some situations, the body might not be able to do it on its own at some point. And I think, Lothar, that’s also a reality here.

Lothar:   Absolutely. And, you know, in the end, you have two groups of cancer patients, because of that. You have people that say, “make me healthy”. They go to a doctor and say, “here’s the problem, and, I can’t do anything” because this is what the doctor told them, “your DNA is ill and you can’t do anything, but I can help you by destroying the cells with chemotherapy or radiation for example, and that’s it.” And then there’s another group, a growing group I think. And they just say, “okay”. The first question for them is, “can I do something?” Besides what the doctor’s doing. I’m not saying don’t go to a doctor, I’m not saying, there’s no doctor who can help you, no, no, no, not at all. But, again the question is: what can I do? But this question you only can ask yourself if you understand that your body is able to make it. Let me give you a short example that you can better understand it. If you apply some hypnosis, and you say to a patient, “okay, take a coin and put it on your hand and tell the person that the coin is going to get hotter and hotter. You know what will happen? After one or two minutes, the coin will become very, very hot. Really hot. You will not stand it anymore, and then you just take it off.” You know what happened? After one or two minutes, you can feel that it’s getting hotter and hotter and then finally after three minutes, you will take it off your hand because it’s too hot for you now. Of course, nothing happened in reality. But, the really interesting thing is, when you look now to your hand, to see where the coin was, the skin will be very red at that spot. What happened? You just thought the coin is hot, and then, the skin changed! This is a negative example of hypnosis but you can also use hypnosis in a positive way that will also change your cells.

Klaus:     To close this podcast today, I think we can both agree, and I think that is the good news for everyone listening out there.. we have, a lot of proof and understanding that the body can reverse, cancer again. And I think that’s an amazing and very, very important understanding. But, we also know, it needs a lot of self responsibility, it needs a lot of work, this is not a ‘magic bullet’ thing. It could take months, years of work, and I think the big word is ‘change’. So that we create a lifestyle that supports the body in this. But I think, that is good news. And on that note, I’m gonna say goodbye and speak to you in the next podcast. Bye bye.

Lothar:   Bye bye.

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