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The great cookbook and textbook of the Oil-Protein Diet

The oil-protein diet is one of the most successful dietary therapies in the world. For the first time, the theory and practice of this scientifically founded diet are explained in detail. Learn about the way it is working, coconut fat, sauerkraut juice, buckwheat, ELDI oils, transitional days, cosmetics, wraps, International Oil Protein Foundation (, Kausanetik and much more. The theoretical part is rounded off with a detailed question-answer chapter. Learn how to recognize a good linseed oil, whether you should take supplements, why eggs are forbidden, whether there is a substitute for Quark, how to make Linomel and Oleolux, whether you can eat bread and pasta. It is a complete guide for this great diet. The practice section includes all the recipes from the original book Oil-Protein Diet Cookbook with over 300 new color images. This book is the first truly understandable statement and answers many open questions of grateful users.

The Original Book by Dr. Johanna Budwig

This extraordinary book, which has now been sold more than 400,000 times, is not only available for physical and mental high-performance athletes, but especially for people with cancer. For more than 40 years the scientist successfully treated seriously ill people. In this (cook) book, she explains in detail how to get healthy and healthy by natural diet. Get inspired by this brilliant researcher and get to know a diet that gives you the energy you need. The oil-protein diet is not a theory like many other diets but a nutritional therapy based on the scientific foundations of quantum physics.

Cancer – The Problem and the Solution

Dr. Johanna Budwig, who has been nominated several times for the Nobel Prize in Medicine, explains in this book why conventional physicians are coming to her when the diagnosis is cancer or when chemotherapy and radiation have failed. Over 50% of their patients were doctors and their relatives. Her patients traveled to Germany from all over the world to get advice from the extraordinary physicist, chemist, and pharmacologist when it comes to cancer. This book also explains why light food, electron clouds, enzymes and, above all, unsaturated fatty acids determine whether or not people are dying of cancer. If you still need proof that there are nutritional therapies – here it is!

German cancer breakthrough – A Guide To Top Clinics by Andrew Scholberg

Our Center is one of the top 13 alternative cancer clinics in Germany!

….Lothar Hirneise and his colleague Klaus Pertl co-founded and co-direct one of the most unusual cancer centers in Germany. Neither of them is a physician. What they’ve created is a unique place for people with cancer – a “seminar house” – that has achieved stunning, extraordinary results for cancer patients who’d been told their condition was “terminal.” ….

…. To find out the secret of the 3E Center’s success, I interviewed Lothar for more than three hours, during which he explained the three essential aspects of his program: (1) the Johanna Budwig anti-cancer eating plan, (2) detoxification, and (3) counseling (mind-body medicine). ….

…. Lothar’s study proves how foolish it is for any doctor to predict how much time a cancer patient has. Cancer has become the No. 1 fear for many people, as infectious diseases such as TB and smallpox were in past times. That’s why many believe a cancer diagnosis means their life is over, and they readily believe a doctor who tells them they should get their affairs in order because they have “three months” or “six months” to live. ….

…. Lothar became a close friend and colleague of Dr. Johanna Budwig (1908-2003), who authorized him to promote and teach her anticancer protocol, which includes her famous mixture of flax oil, cottage cheese, and milk. The strict and correct application of the Budwig protocol makes the 3E Center unique. Lothar is firmly convinced that the Budwig protocol is the main reason why he gets such outstanding results for cancer patients. ….

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